Create a smart, professional app for your users

Give your customers an easier way to understand their electricity consumption, district heating, solar production or their smart home. With Bright's unique turnkey platform, we create the conditions for you to become the digital energy company that end users expect in the future. Together we can revolutionize the communication between you and your end users.

New ways to communicate with your customer


One app - multiple services

Bright's platform can handle different types of energy services. Everything from electricity trading, electricity networks and district heating to broadband, water & sewage, or why not waste management?

The platform is extremely scalable and automatically adapts to your company's services and end customers' agreements. This means that we increase customer engagement and get a higher proportion of returning customers.


New ways to communicate with your customers

Together, we want to work to increase your customer engagement, and help retain customers longer. We depart from the traditional way of communicating with customers via an invoice and with Bright's digital platform, we create completely new opportunities for customer interaction.

Our customers

We are growing fast

Progressive energy companies across the Nordic region use Bright's digital platform today. Thousands of end users interact daily with their energy companies and take part in analyzes and tips and advice on how they can simplify their everyday lives.


Make it your own

Together we create a unique app with your colors, your copy and your icons. You can quickly and easily get your own digital platform where you can tell your own story. With Bright you avoid the problems and the expensive cost of building, maintaining and developing an advanced digital platform. Bright takes care of and handles all of this for you.

Here's what people say about us

”… Always fun to meet others who are passionate about the environment, sustainability and innovation.”
"It was really interesting and a very good customer focus, you have done a great job!"
"I felt inspired after our meeting and think that you have come a long way in thinking. I especially like that you work in close dialogue with the customer"

Large amounts of data require sharp digital services

We integrate with your backend or service layer (api) as well as various types of third-party products and services. Your customers also answer questions that provide us with data about their household. All this data makes our algorithms smarter and the more data we get access to, the better the services that your customers get access to. And most importantly, we present all this data to the end users in a way that is easy to understand.