Our two cookies.

Our website uses two types of cookies: session cookies and permanent cookies. Both are text files that are there to give you a better user experience and us a working website. But what do they mean exactly? And why are they called cookies? We take the facts first and the fun theories then.

So we start with session cookies. While you are on our website, these are only temporarily stored in the memory of your computer or mobile phone, as now. But then they disappear when you close the browser. The purpose of them is that our website should be able to give you a protected, secure and unique login.

The second type – permanent cookies – remains on your computer or mobile phone for a certain period of time. But they do it only to be able to adapt the website to your wishes, choices and interests. For example, they make sure you avoid unnecessary pop-ups every time you visit us. So the purpose of them is also good. But regardless of the type of cake, no personal information about you is ever saved when you visit us. And it can be nice to know.

You can of course choose not to accept our cookies by turning them off via your browser’s security settings. You can also set your browser to receive a notification every time our website tries to place a cookie on your computer or mobile phone. Here you can also delete previously stored cookies.

And now to the eternal question. Why are they called cakes? We do not really know. It’s a little mystery. Some say that the name comes from the operating system Linux and their “Magic cookies” which made it possible to communicate between different programs, while others say that it comes from Chinese “fortune cookies” which are cookies with small messages in. There are even those who say it comes from the story of Hans and Greta who left a trail of cookie crumbs behind to be able to find their way home again, but no one knows for sure.

For us, it does not matter how it all started or who is right. We just know that everything gets better with cookies. And now we got hungry for real cakes here, so we thought we would go and have a coffee. But before we go, we want to wish you a wonderful day.

Warm greetings, Bright