A powerful platform
for all things energy

Provide your end users with advanced functionalities such as AI-based forecasting, personalized advice, automated energy optimization of all their devices.

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Complete automation and optimization

Adopt a holistic approach to energy management

Our solution connects a household’s devices and turns them into one intuitive system.

It helps you optimize heating to suit the household schedule and current weather forecast, whether it’s gas, central heating or a heat pump. It also charges batteries and run machines when the dynamic price is low. On top of that, it can have solar panels sell electricity back to the grid during peak hours.

It’s the better way to manage energy. And better yet, it’s all automated.

Data-driven customer insights

Help your customers
help themselves

By providing an overview of energy consumption and data-driven advice for optimization, along with automated processes for things such as bills, payments, renewals and more, you’re increasing engagement while drastically reducing the need for support at the same time.

It’s self-service at its best – and will save both you and your customers a lot of time.

Data-driven customer insights

Make better decisions
and improve business

Our smart algorithms and machine learning analytics gather an immense amount of data on your customers’ energy consumption.

Automatically turned into actionable insights, this data can help you improve all aspects of your business: such as more precise electricity purchases, better recommendations for additional services and crucial improvements to the overall customer experience.

Advanced forecasts

Get informative forecasts on consumption, costs and CO2 emissions, based on electricity price, weather and the home’s energy usage.

Personalized advice

Receive actionable advice on energy optimization from our AI-based software that only gets better with time.

Dynamic price optimization

Schedule every machine and device to charge or activate when electricity is cheapest – and deactivate during peak hours.

Consumption overview

Oversee complete energy consumption and precise distribution with a simple and efficient user interface.

VPP/Flex services

Control the entire setup, from heating to EV charging to solar with a few clicks on the Bright app.

Complete automation

Have the house run smoothly and automate everything from payments and renewals to EV charging and heating.

More reasons to work with us

  • One app for all services
  • A quick and easy launch
  • A module-based system
  • Support from experienced team

One app for all services

Bright is the most complete multi-utility service on the market. Gather all your services – grid electricity, solar, gas, district heating and even water and sewage – in one intuitive, user-friendly app.

It truly is energy management at its easiest, both for you and your customers.


A quick and easy launch

Use our proven white-label platform and readily available features to build and launch your new digital offering faster.

From optimization of energy consumption, heating, EV charging and solar production to automation of payments and renewals – get up and running within weeks instead of years.

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A module-based system

Our system enables you to piece together a completely unique and customized application. You simply add ready-made modules for suitable services. And whether they are back-end connections, third-party solutions, VPP/Flex or other features in our suite, the actual implementation is easily completed with our own set of APIs – and requires minimum development from your end.

On top of that, its many design functions make sure that the product you launch truly looks and feels like your brand.


Support from experienced team

The launch is only the start. We have an extensive background as an electricity trader, so our team knows the daily requirements – and future challenges – of utilities better than most. This helps us in the process of constantly improving our platform and creating innovative features that put your business one step ahead of the competition.

Together we can build the best and most complete digital service in the energy sector.


Secure your place in the
future of smart energy

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