PiteEnergi, Luleå Energi and Gävle Energi are investing in strengthening their customer relationships and further increasing customer loyalty. This is the result of a new agreement with the company Bright, whose digital platform, which is available both as an app and for desktop, is integrated and offered to the companies’ end customers.

Our data-driven energy platform, which is based on Machine learning / AI and behavioral science, integrates all the services that energy companies have today, regardless of whether it is electricity trading, electricity networks, district heating, water & sewage or fiber. This creates the conditions for strengthening the energy companies’ customer relationships while at the same time optimizing their electricity networks and benefiting from renewable energy when it is actually produced, says David Forsberg, founder and CEO of Bright.

For PiteEnergis, Luleå Energis and Gävle Energi’s 120,000 customers, the deal means that they will have access to a number of services in one and the same platform. Which makes it easier to keep track of their consumption, their invoice and customers will in future be able to take advantage of new services and functions with the help of these energy companies’ unique data.

The new collaboration with Bright means that we take the next step in making it easier for our customers to become more involved in their own energy use. By and large, it is about the whole local energy system sitting together and together with our customers we need to use the right energy for the right things, at the right time. The new digital platform opens up opportunities to easily make smart choices in everyday life, says Sofia Antonsen, development manager at Luleå Energi.

Bright’s technology makes it possible to avoid electricity use during the hours of the day when many people use electricity at the same time. This means that the climate benefits from solar and wind power can be maximized, at the same time as it helps Sweden’s electricity grid to cope with the increased load that the electrification of society leads to.

Electricity is one of the solutions in the transition to a sustainable and fossil-free society and to succeed we need to use it smarter. We see Bright as an important partner because their technology helps us to give our customers the right conditions, says Anders Ådemo, marketing manager at PiteEnergi.

There is a lot to gain from Bright’s solution both for the customers, for us energy companies and for the electricity system in general. We have a large amount of data that we want to be able to show to customers so that they in turn can use their energy smarter, says Håkan Sälg, IT strategist at Gävle Energi.