What we do. And why we do it.

Bright started as an electricity company, with the goal of helping private individuals reduce their electricity consumption, environmental impact and costs in various smart and sustainable ways. And we succeeded well for several years. But then we realized one thing. That we should actually focus on what we are even better at. To create digital services that help the end user to understand, control and manage their electricity consumption, cost and environmental impact.

Our service

Today, we humans consume a large part of our electricity at the wrong hours of the day. We need to change this. Especially now that we are facing a future with more electric vehicles on the roads, solar cells on the roofs and smart homes that are changing our consumption patterns. We need to take advantage of the renewable energy from solar and wind when it is extracted instead of seeing it lost. But also contribute to energy equalization in our electricity networks. Such a future requires an intelligent platform. And that is exactly what we have developed. An app that gathers everything needed to make the new, sometimes difficult changes, simple. Every day.

Our team

We can not stress this enough. For us, collaboration is everything, the very base of success. That is what we value the most and will ensure never ends. Not only when it comes to our customers, but also our own team. Today we consist of over 30 competent, dedicated and creative enthusiasts (and we will be more) who collaborate dedicatedly to deliver the absolute best, high-quality product to our customers. We work hard. Continuously. Always together.

We are looking for new colleagues

We want to constantly expand our team with new stars. Do you want to be part of changing the energy industry? Contact us at info@getbright.se