A partnership you can value

We exist where your customers are and will make sure that they’ll have access to the platform via a PC, MAC, smartphone or tablet. Both for consumers and business customers. Available when the customers need us to be and always with a helping hand from our chat bot.


Our platform will help you be a part of the future of a digital customer dialogue. Having all of your services integrated to one platform will make it easier to communicate and engage your customers. Are your customers interested in invoice information or are solar panels and heat control extra important? Our platform is flexible so you can focus on what you think is important.

Insight and influence

Our service focuses on smart algorithms and AI, and will help you learn more about your customers behavior patterns. You can let your customers understand how their behavior affects their cost and electricity consumption. Together we can educate and break peak hours.


Our platform has smart login solutions to protect your customers' data. Depending on what’s the most used smart login solution in your country we’ll together work out the best solution for your customers.

Smart guide

The future of smart home integrations is already here - and Bright is ready to help you. With our third-party integrations, your customers can get everything gathered in the same app. We make it easier to automate and control your smart home based on the current electricity price or the amount of CO2 in our electricity networks.