The energy company Fyrfasen Energi has started a collaboration with Bright Energy AB. Fyrfasen can hence offer its customers a digital platform that can automatically control the use of electricity to the hours of the day that reduce both cost and environmental impact for Fyrfasen’s end customers.

We want to create conditions for our customers to consume electricity in a more sustainable way. With the help of Bright, customers get the digital solutions they need. The service creates opportunities for the customer to understand their energy consumption and make their own active choices that benefit both the energy transition and households, says Cecilia Norberg, CEO of Fyrfasen Energi.

Bright has built an open and data-driven digital platform that the electricity companies in turn offer their customers. Households are stimulated by various tools to avoid electricity use during the hours of the day when many people use electricity at the same time, so-called power peaks. The purpose is to even out electricity use and prepare for a future with more electric cars and digital devices.

We are very happy about our new collaboration with Fyrfasen Energi. Our platform helps to even out electricity use around the clock, which facilitates the transition to a renewable and climate-smart electricity system, says David Forsberg, founder and CEO of the digital service company Bright.

Bright’s platform also aims to strengthen the relationship between the electricity companies and their end customers with the help of expanded dialogue and digital services. Customers are given tools to understand, control and automate their electricity use, at a lower cost and reduced environmental impact. The platform is based on the customer’s own usage patterns and data.

Fyrfasen Energi AB was established in 1998 and has offices in Ånge, Sveg, Borlänge and Funäsdalen. The company is part of the Härjeån Group, which has been conducting electricity trading since 1917.