Together with the technology company Bright, HEMAB is launching a new app to increase customer engagement. The app will gather all HEMAB’s services in the same place, which gives customers a better overview and the opportunity to better understand and influence their electricity consumption. The partnership between Bright and HEMAB begins in the autumn of 2022 and the planned launch is in the second quarter of 2023.

“It feels exciting to finally be able to offer our customers a simple, efficient and modern way to take part in their range of services”, says Peyman Vahedi, Head of Development at HEMAB.

One platform, multiple services

The app can handle different types of energy services and is therefore very scalable. For HEMAB, this means that they will be able to display services such as electricity trading, electricity networks, district heating, water and recycling. The app also supports a number of different third-party integrations and offers, among other things, dynamic load balancing for electric car charging, heat regulation for thermostats, solar production and also control for smart plugs in the home.

“With the collaboration, we are also laying the foundation for a container of innovation and creativity. Should our customers or employees have ideas for the future, we have a forum for development which will also carry out the implementation to the customers”, says Peyman Vahedi, Head of Development at HEMAB.

Built on advanced AI technology

Bright’s solution is available as an app and My Pages and supports both iOS and Android devices. Through advanced AI technology, the platform gives users access to intuitive self-service in the form of analyses, forecasts, invoicing, payment, smart control, etc., and becomes a useful tool in better understanding, managing, and ultimately reducing their energy consumption.

In today’s society, energy has become something that every household talks about and we at Bright look forward to helping HEMAB and their end customers gain better insights into their household’s energy consumption. With our app, households can easily understand, monitor and even control their consumption for better hours and therefore save a lot of money, says David Forsberg, CEO at Bright.

About Bright
Bright was established in 2012 and collaborates with electricity, network and product companies that want to offer their customers the opportunity to control their electricity use. The aim is to maximize the climate benefit from renewable energy sources, reduce costs for the consumer and help Sweden’s electricity grid cope with the increased load that electrification entails.

HEMAB is owned by the municipality of Härnösand and the ownership directive is decided by the municipal council. The business includes district heating, property cleaning and recycling, water and sewage, electricity grid, wind power, biogas production, vehicle gas station, broadband, charging infrastructure, and involvement in the local community.

For more information:
Camilla Forsberg, CCO at Bright Energy, 073-7165869