Höganäs Energi enlists the help of the technology company Bright Energy to increase its commitment to electricity consumption. Customers will be able to participate and control their electricity use to the hours that are best for both the wallet and the environment.

We see that our collaboration with Bright is important for our customers, and it will give them a tool that makes their everyday life easier. Especially from a climate perspective, says Johan Martinsson, sales and marketing manager at Höganäs Energi.

Smart control for increased commitment

Bright’s digital solution, which is available both as an app and my pages, will be able to give customers at Höganäs Energi a tool to avoid electricity use during the hours of the day when many people use electricity at the same time. When customers receive help to control their electricity use in the app, the climate benefits from solar and wind power can be maximized. At the same time, it helps to create energy equalization in Sweden’s electricity grid, which needs to be able to cope with the increasing load that the electrification of society leads to.

We look forward to an exciting collaboration where we can help Höganäs Energi’s customers become more climate-smart in their electricity use. In our digital platform, customers can easily keep track of both the invoice and make smart decisions about their electricity use, says Camilla Forsberg, COO at Bright.

Bright was established in 2012 and collaborates with electricity, grid and product companies that want to offer their customers the opportunity to control their electricity use. The aim is to maximize the climate benefits from renewable energy sources, reduce costs for the consumer and help Sweden’s electricity grid cope with the increased load that electrification entails.

Höganäs Energi is Kullabygden’s municipally owned energy company and delivers energy solutions in electricity networks, electricity trading, fiber, solar cells, charging posts and district heating.