The tech company Bright Energy AB will develop an app for Boo Energi, where their customers will have a single place for all their services that Boo Energi delivers connected to energy. The idea is to increase commitment and knowledge about energy by, for example, clarifying which times it is best to use electricity when there is an opportunity to choose. In the end, a profit for customers’ wallets, our environment and also for the electricity grid, which receives a more even load over time.

Today we control our TV viewing in a completely different way than a few years ago. Movies and series are downloaded when you want to watch. You do not choose based on the TV schedule. The same pattern applies to contact with different suppliers, ie that you decide for yourself when you want the information.

A high level of service is the heart of our business and we have an acclaimed customer service. But in order to deliver a high level of service to our customers outside office hours, or “TV schedule”, we see that the collaboration with Bright is an important step in guiding our customers and giving them aids that facilitate their everyday life around the clock, says Fredrik Heleander , CEO of Boo Energi Försäljnings AB.

All in one app

Boo Energi believes in sustainable long-term social responsibility and wants to be an active part in reversing the negative trend of all carbon dioxide emissions that occur globally. An important part is that the company exclusively sells climate-positive electricity to its customers.

Another important factor is to increase customers’ awareness by using electricity when it is cheaper and when the load on the electricity grid is not so great, which is made possible with Bright’s digital solution. For example, is it possible to charge the car and start the washing machine automatically at night, instead of in the evening? The same electricity use is used regardless of when you do this during the day, but at night the electricity is used at a cheaper price and when the load on the electricity grid is lower.

In addition to good control over the climate-positive electricity use, there are a number of other good services to take advantage of in the app. Energy saving tips, pay electricity bills, review and renew electricity contracts, environmental impact, comparisons of electricity use against similar properties, different types of offers and competitions etc. There is also information about the customer’s possible solar production as well as charging information for the electric car. The customers who live in Boo Energi’s electricity network will in future also receive information about planned and unplanned power outages, notification of electricity meter changes etc.

We are happy to be able to make energy easier by having everything gathered in one place, while we do something good for our environment. In our digital platform, customers can easily keep track of both the invoice and make smart decisions about their electricity use, says Camilla Forsberg, COO at Bright.

Bright was established in 2012 and collaborates with electricity, grid and product companies that want to offer their customers the opportunity to control their electricity use. The aim is to maximize the climate benefits from renewable energy sources, reduce costs for the consumer and help Sweden’s electricity grid cope with the increased load that electrification entails.

Boo Energi was formed in 1920 and a 5 kilometer power line was purchased. Today, more than 100 years later, Boo Energi has an electricity grid that is 915 km long and almost 14,000 properties connected. Boo Energi only sells electricity from renewable energy sources. Despite this, the energy generated has an impact on our climate from a life cycle perspective, which means that they compensate for the climate for all the electricity they sell, so it covers up for life cycle emissions and more.