The technology company Bright will help Jämtkraft’s customers to reduce their climate footprint, through a digital platform that makes it possible to control electricity use to the hours that are best for both the wallet and the environment. The deal is Bright’s ninth in a short time and means that almost half a million Swedes will soon have access to the technology.

The climate issue is one of the great fate issues of our time and we are happy that we can help Jämtkraft’s customers to a more climate-smart electricity use. Our digital platform makes it easier to reduce its climate footprint, while at the same time making it easier to keep track of both the electricity bill and its electricity use, says David Forsberg, founder and CEO of Bright.

All in one app

For Jämtkraft’s customers, the deal means that all services are gathered in one and the same app. But Bright’s technology also gives consumers tools to avoid using electricity during the hours of the day when many people use electricity at the same time. This means that the climate benefits from solar and wind power can be maximized, at the same time as it helps Sweden’s electricity grid to cope with the increased load that the electrification of society leads to.

Increased degree of electrification is part of the solutions to deal with the climate crisis, but at the same time means that we must use energy smarter. We see Bright as an important piece of the puzzle in that work, as their technology helps our customers to better manage their electricity use, says Moa Alexandersson, who is team manager for customer development at Jämtkraft.

Bright was established in 2012 and collaborates with electricity, grid and product companies that want to offer their customers the opportunity to control their electricity use. The aim is to maximize the climate benefits from renewable energy sources, reduce costs for consumers and help Sweden’s electricity grid cope with the increased load that electrification entails.

Jämtkraft produces, distributes and sells electricity and heat. The company was founded as early as 1889 and today also delivers services in operation, maintenance and finance to wind farms. Jämtkraft is 98 percent owned by the municipality of Östersund, as well as by the municipalities of Åre and Krokom, which own 1 percent each, but supply electricity throughout the Nordic region. All electricity and more than 90% of the district heating that Jämtkraft sells is produced by the company from renewable sources such as solar, wind, water and forest.