The digital landscape has become increasingly competitive and consumer expectations have reshaped the energy industry. Since adopting Bright’s solution in 2020, PiteEnergi has seen notable growth in its customer base, a 10% reduction in churn, and improved customer satisfaction. In this article, they share how they successfully overcame their challenges thanks to Bright’s white-label app.


PiteEnergi is a mid-sized energy company, operating in the northern parts of Sweden with a customer base of around 18,000. They offer electricity trading, grid management, broadband, resell solar panels, as well as EV charging. Their mission is to promote sustainability and environmentally conscious energy solutions in the sector.

Challenges before launching the app

Prior to implementing Bright´s solution Pite faced challenges in meeting the constantly increasing digital demands of customers, consequently impacting their competitiveness and their ability to foster customer loyalty and reduce churn.


PiteEnergi has seen a lot of great results since launching the partnership with Bright, a few that are particularly interesting and deserve some extra attention are:

  • Lower Churn: Customer churn has decreased by 10 %, leading to a more stable customer base. 
  • Increased Customer Acquisition: PiteEnergi reported gaining more new customers than before due to the improved digital presence.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: NPS scores have improved, indicating higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How has the app impacted the understanding of cost and energy consumption among consumers?

When we asked our customers about this, almost 84% of them stated that they have gained better insight into their energy usage with the help of the app. We have received a lot of positive feedback from customers. What’s most rewarding is that 75% of our customers would recommend the app to others. It confirms that we have created something our customers appreciate, says Anders Ådemo, head of marketing at PiteEnergi.

Marketing efforts and go-to-market strategy

Since 2020, over 61% of PiteEnergi’s customers have become app users. Their success in achieving this impressive adoption rate can be attributed to a well-thought-out marketing plan and the cultivation of proud ambassadors within their organization.

We set an early goal that 30% of our customers would be users, a goal we initially felt was very ambitious but achievable. We had a marketing plan in place, but we also worked extensively internally to create proud ambassadors, which has proven to be incredibly important. Complementing our marketing and campaigns with our customer service actively discussing the app’s benefits with our customers has been a key factor for us says Anders. 


PiteEnergi’s digital transformation journey is a noteworthy success story. The Bright Platform has given PiteEnergi a whole new way of addressing challenges and the results are really standing out. The app has not only helped customers gain a better understanding of their energy consumption but has also proven to be a valuable tool for their own marketing- and support teams. PiteEnergi’s dedication to embracing digital solutions and collaborating closely with Bright has not only benefited their business but has also created a solid foundation for future growth and customer loyalty.

About Bright Energy 

Bright was established in 2012 and provides energy companies with an AI-powered smart energy platform that enables end-users to understand, control, and manage their electricity consumption, cost, and environmental impact. The product is packaged as a white-label cloud service platform (SaaS) focusing on smart algorithms and artificial intelligence, that can make decisions based on the customers’ behavior patterns.’

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Thomas Forssell, CSM at Bright