To help its customers with sustainability that works in everyday life, Ren Røros enlists the help of the Swedish tech company Bright. The collaboration between Ren Røros and Bright will begin in 2022.

It is an exciting journey we have ahead of us together with Ren Røros to help their customers become climate-smart with their electricity use. In our digital platform, we can easily keep track of both the electricity invoice and make smart decisions about their electricity use, says Camilla Forsberg CCO, and customer manager at Bright Energy.


Bright’s digital platform helps customers gain a better understanding of their energy consumption and help them become more climate-smart. The customer can both see and learn more about their electricity consumption and how to optimize their electricity use in the app so that the climate benefit is maximized.

Ren Røros takes the green transition seriously. For us, sustainability is the foundation of what we do. We are renewing ourselves to meet the challenges facing the energy industry. With the platform from Bright, we will be able to deliver exciting content directly to our customers, says Olav Vehusheia, director at Ren Røros.

Bright was established in 2012 and collaborates with electricity, grid and product companies that want to offer their customers the opportunity to control their electricity use. The aim is to maximize the climate benefits from renewable energy sources, reduce costs for consumers and help Sweden’s electricity grid cope with the increased load that electrification entails.

The roots of Ren Røros are in power production through Røros Elektricitetsverk. Ren Røros delivers professional expertise in electricity production, distribution in the electricity network, electrical installations, development of fiber networks and broadband.